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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Working Proof: Karolin Schnoor - Forest Lady

Freshly released: Forest Lady, by Karolin Schnoor. I love the way that the circles with details of natural elements become the body of the woman. From Karolin: "I have been drawing a lot of trees lately, and I liked the idea of using them in a composition as abstract objects. I also like to play with the idea of scale, so that the girl in the drawing turns into a kind of superhuman earth lady who is holding the bear, which should actually be much bigger than her. Since winter is approaching, I wanted to use a cooler colour-palette. All of these things together made a nice-set up for the illustration."

15% of the gross sale of this print goes to Transportation Alternatives, which Karoline chose to pair with her print because "cycling is a mode of transportation that a large percentage of the population uses to get around. In Germany, providing a safe environment in which to cycle is taken very seriously. Moving to London was strange, because I found it too dangerous to cycle - cars don't leave room for you, there are almost no cycling paths, and the pollution is so bad that most couriers, for instance, wear masks. It's frustrating to see one person after another driving a six-person car with all of the passenger seats left empty. It makes perfect sense to encourage walking and cycling in big cities and urban areas, so I want to support that movement. I think that Transportation Alternatives has a really good program that sets out practical solutions which aren't impossible to implement, but that will make a big difference in New York. Hopefully something similar will happen in London, soon!" Read the rest of our interview with Karolin here.

Forest Lady is a digital print on 230gsm Tecco Matt Poster Paper.

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