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Friday, December 04, 2009

Stockholm Library Rendering

Stockholm Library Rendering by a team of students at the Architecture School of Paris La Seine. The rendering story on CGI society is written by Olivier Charles, one of the team members. Pretty interesting story and an amazing image. The path of architectural representation is going so highly technical, it's frightening yet awe inspiring.


  1. now, are you positive Sweeden isnt in space? Cause im gettin a pretty strong space vibe here.

  2. While it's a kick ass look, it'll never work. Libraries are places of privacy. They have nooks and niches for the very purpose of stealing away to look over your books. In this model the patrons are on display the entire time they look for a book and have a long way to go before they find a seat.

    It'd make a great set for a movie though.

  3. Amazing, unexpected space organizing idea !

  4. Is it possible to make reading rooms behind the book shelves ?


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