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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Schemata - Flat Project

I really like Schemata's Flat Project - they have taken old elementary school desks and tables with all of their history and renewed them with poured epoxy tops. What I like most about the project is how subtle it is - from a distance the tables look like their old selves, but the closer you get you begin to realize that they have been modified. I also like that Schemata preserves the history of the tables with the translucent resin.

Via Designboom.

Note: We're taking Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving - we'll be back on Monday. Hope everyone who celebrates has a great long weekend!


  1. these are beautiful. we have an old school desk and the best part is all the old carvings and names on it.

  2. Smells like old time school, nothing compared to these new desk, without personality =)

  3. amazing! I have an old school desk, but the top was so destroyed I had to get a new piece of wood for it. Wish I'd been crafty enough to do this instead!


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