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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Complete National Geographic

National Geographic recently released The Complete National Geographic on Nov. 1st. It compiles the last 120 years of issues, from 1888 to 2008. You can browse and search every single page of the magazine from its inception and it also includes all the maps that come with the issues. The interface looks very cool and it must have been an enormous task to tag and categorize every photo, map, advertisement and article for the search engine. It's a pretty buy at 70 bucks for the dvds, but I would opt for the hard drive version so you don't have to swap disks all the time.


  1. omigosh omigosh.

    i MUST have this....

    $70 is really cheap, I think. If you consider it's ALL of nat geo, and most tv series go for about that amount for much less material (and less AWESOME material)

  2. Pretty impressive, and I agree with the previous poster who said $70 is cheap for all of this material!

  3. Hold off on purchasing the Complete National Geographic.
    There are problems with the install program and many features do not work yet


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