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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Working Proof: Heather Smith Jones - A New Rescue

Here's a preview of the most recently launched print over at the Working Proof - "A New Rescue", by Heather Smith Jones. This is a five-color (!) letterpress print, and it's gorgeous - the photos don't do the amazing layers and textures justice. Heather has chosen Smile Train as her charity - 15% of each print sold will be donated to Smile Train, who offer free cleft surgeries to children in need.

About the print:
"A New Rescue" is a five-color letterpress print incorporating antique type with new metal blocks made from my drawings. I like to layer representational imagery with pattern and arrange the parts in an abstract or narrative way. In this print I have included imagery of a butterfly, seashell, rose of sharon blossom and a wooden boat, each growing from a vine that originates from a tree stump. The boat to me symbolizes the idea of a rescue and the stump or tree represents a source of life.
To purchase the print or to learn more about Heather and Smile Train, please visit http://www.theworkingproof.com. We also interviewed Heather - read it here.

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