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Monday, September 21, 2009


Back in April, Sean and I won the Arts category of a business plan competition sponsored by the Center for Faith and Work. We'll be launching our new venture pretty soon (and we can't wait to share it with you!). Tegu was another winner in the competition, and they recently launched their website and new product line of magnetic block sets. The building blocks come in four different sizes, each with a magnet in the center of the block. You can put them together to build all kinds of things - somewhat of a cross between Legos and building blocks! The blocks come in three different woods - Honduran Huesito, European Beech and Mahogany (limited edition).

On top of making a gorgeous product, Tegu is also committed to creating a positive social impact in Honduras:
"It all started with an innocent, curiosity-driven question: "What about a for-profit company based in Honduras that would create a positive social impact through its business?" Chris posed that question during a work trip to Honduras in May 2006 where he reconnected in Tegucigalpa with friends dedicated to an impactful humanitarian project; seeking an answer to the question sparked the idea that became Tegu—a creative business founded to address unemployment, under-utilized natural and human resources and the need for entrepreneurship in Honduras..."
You can donate trees (3 dozen for $5, 12 dozen for $20!) as well as school days (1 week for $15, 1 month for $60). Your donations go towards getting kids off of the Tegucigalpa trash dump and into school.

We're really excited to see where Tegu goes - congrats, Will and Chris, on the launch of Tegu!

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