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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Platform21 - Jamming

This is kind of a silly video, but I like idea behind it:
Soon Platform21 will be closing its doors. The incubation period is over, and we will end three years of pioneering work with a BANG! For the last-ever Platform21 project, Japanese designer Yuri Suzuki and artist Masa Kimura are building a breakfast machine, and they’re throwing everything into the mix – Platform21 = Jamming. They’ll reuse remnants of past Platform21 projects and receive help from designers who’ve previously taken part in our projects, as well as the public. For eight days, everyone will build the machine together, ultimately turning Platform21 into a two-day restaurant serving all-day breakfasts.

Hollywood directors have dreamed of it: the breakfast machine. Imagine a contraption that sets a chain reaction in motion at the push of a button, frying eggs, juicing oranges, brewing coffee, making toast, and serving it all on a plate with jam, cheese and meat. Not a bad way to start the day!

Every day at 17:00, it’s Happy Jamming Hour. Visitors are invited to the jam session: various designers will assign quick hands-on activities that put your improvisational skills to the test.
If you're in Amsterdam, here is all the information you need to participate:
16–24 September: Help build the breakfast machine!
25–26 September: Platform21 serves all-day breakfasts
Open daily 12:00–20:00
Happy Jamming Hour every day from 17:00
Free entry and participation

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