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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

NYC Helmets vs. Bern Helmets

Commissioned by the city of New York and designed by Fuseproject, the new helmet 'caps' are meant to make helmets more customized, more fashionable, and less conspicuous. I think it's a great idea except for the fact that they almost become more conspicuous because of the added bulk of the 'caps' and the bright colors used. And I would rather not wear something that looks like a diaper on my helmet.

If you're going to go for one with flare, why not check out the Watts helmet by Bern (below). It's way slicker and they are designed and tested by riders. The shell comes in lots of solids, graphics, and color blocks, it has an integral visor, plus there are lots of options like knit liners and audio hook-ups.

NYC helmet via Wired

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