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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Liv Eskholm

Designboom previewed the Extra Ordinary Craft show at Danish Crafts. There's some great work in the show - my favorite being Liv Eskholm's What is Jewellery collection. From the website:
The 24Carat collection is made of 0.7-mm 925 Sterling silver and 0.7-mm gold-plated 925 Sterling silver. The inscription suggests a material value that exceeds the actual value, thus illuminating society's material focus. In both series, the pieces are designed to appear as randomly cut silver/gold plates. The pin-prick inscription is then added in a simple but time-consuming technique. Finally, the pieces are carefully processed to preserve a simple, raw expression.

Rip Off_ is worn on the body, attached with adhesive tape, while 24Carat has been commercialised by being shaped as an actual brooch, a pendant with a ball chain, and a finger ring. The jewellery has a rough expression, where the only and very simple ornamentation is a pin-prick inscription that conveys the title of the piece in question. The individual pieces in the Rip Off collection are made of 0.5-mm 925 Sterling silver or 0.4-mm 14-carat gold, while the adhesive tape is either white or transparent and selected specifically for skin contact.

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