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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Bram Geenen's - Gaudi Stool

The structure on the underside of Bram Geenen's Gaudi Stool is just amazing. It's made of lightweight carbon fiber and weighs only a kilogram. From Geenen's website:
The shape of the stool was defined in the same way that Antoní Gaudi designed the structure of his churches; by making a model out of hanging chains, and so letting gravity determine the strongest shape for taking forces.

A thin shell made of carbon fiber deals with the compressive forces. There's a beam-grid substructure which resist bending of the shell. The substructure was made using rapid-prototyping techniques, to achieve the required complexity. The rapid-prototyped structure was then used as a mold for the carbon-fiber laminates. This combining of these two high-tech techniques decreased costs of both of them, and made them applicable in a functional product.
Via MoCo Loco.

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