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Friday, August 07, 2009

Follow Friday - Sycamore Street Press

Sycamore Street Press is an awesome letterpress studio dedicated to "combining fresh designs, sustainable methods, and the vintage charm of letterpress printing". Eva and Kirk Jorgensen are the printers (and sometimes designers), and they have combined forces with several other designers (Stephanie Ford, Kristin Mills and Amy Shaffer) to create some gorgeous lines of goods. My favorites: the Pop series (above), by Stephanie Ford (letterpressed vintage frames that you mount your own photos onto) and Eva's own series of prints centered around a man called the Sea Freak.

Sycamore Street Press also has a very nice letterpress-print-of-the-month club, and they release a limited edition, letterpress print by a different artist each month.

Follow Friday is a weekly post featuring the great designs/artwork of some of our Twitter followers.

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