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Thursday, July 02, 2009

LABEXP - Music Cups

Calibrated musical cups with a q-tip shaped dinger (for lack of a technical term)! These are Music Cups by LABEXP. I like!


  1. I would absolutely loove these, if it weren't for one thing. It's ti. Not si. la, ti, do. Kind of important.

  2. Well, it´s a cool idea, but it alredy exists. I´ve designed this concept for a Design Boom competition called "house party" a long time ago.
    Look for Musician´s Goblet at the competition page.
    A few months later, the guys from Atypic came up with a very similar design as welll, the same concept. Sorry.

  3. Rafael, I would be careful to claim you are the originator of the concept of goblet-based instruments, as they were invented in the 1700's.


  4. would like to purchase some. Please contact me. paolomariani@hotmail.com


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