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Friday, July 24, 2009

Follow Friday - Kate Bingaman

Time for Follow Friday! I'm sure you've seen Kate Bingaman's work before - her Obsessive Consumption project catalogs her every day purchases, which she's been documenting since 2002. Craziness! My favorites are the illustrations that provide some insight into her daily happenings - flowers for no reason, flight protection for an upcoming wedding - a visual post-it note collection of random things in her life. Check out her blog for updates on Obsessive Consumption.

Follow Friday is a weekly post featuring the great designs/artwork of some of our Twitter followers.


  1. These illustrations look very similar to the ones in Ted Schredd's Canadian best-selling book, "The Cycling Adventures of Coconut Head" http://tinyurl.com/lhfv4a In the book, Ted rides his bike around the perimeter of the United States... but he fills the margins of his book with wacky illustrations of the people and places he encounters on his journey. These drawings remind me of that book... and if you haven't read the book for yourself, I highly encourage it.

  2. I love you're work. We have similar styles of drawings stiles. Maybe I can refer work to you when I got slamed or something.


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