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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sid Wichienkuer

Love Sid Wichienkuer's entry in to the competition for a new TU Delft School of Architecture. The original TU Delft architecture building was burned down in a fire in May 2008, and the school held an open design competition for a new building. From Sid's website:
The use of section and topographies become the driving force behind this project...By reconstituting and reconsidering each of the precedents, the resultant project intends to not reinvent but understand how section can foster productive architectural relationships. The gathering/communal spaces are stacked through the core of the building - operating as a central gathering space for offices, studios, and the greater community as a central, unifying element that serves the same purpose for a variety of programs.

The ground level is extremely porous with the intention of capturing the interest of passerbyers and architects alike. The center of the space is the auditorium space that can be configured to accommodate multiple size and varyingly public gatherings. The option remains to accommodate even the largest of gatherings as a gesture toward bringing thinkers and doers of all-calibers, whether architects or not, into the dialogue of the building.

The language of productive topographical surfaces is exploited for creating circulation, shading users, creating usable surfaces, storing objects, and seating. The resulting dense, carved space envelopes all the users of the building.

Via Designboom.


  1. looks like it wouldn't be wheelchair friendly. :(

  2. I'd hate to slip on the stairs outside.

  3. I love it, but it looks like it's possible to climb all the way to the top, up along a wall that keeps getting steeper. This is something I am sure I would not be able to stop myself from doing, if I visited this building. But is that safe?

  4. hey guys - thanks for your comments, much appreciated! The project is really just a conceptual one, for the time being. If they did ever decide to build it, they would obviously have to address the more practical issues that you bring up (ADA, safety). But viewed for what it is - a concept - I think it's a great, well-thought out project.

  5. looks similar to a plot project from 2003

  6. it looks like the stacked BIG / JDS style
    i'm getting bored of this unrealistic stuff

  7. You know, I've been looking at this design and actually with a few modifications to make it safer to play on and because it looks like a modern shoe house, like in The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe might find a good home on children's playgrounds with slides and stuff to play on and hand rales to make it safe to walk up.

    You may even find that you could make enough money to actuly build a building like this some where and by building smaller version of this you may get more design ideas for a larger building too.


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