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Friday, May 22, 2009

NSS - Enormous Champion

Hey all - we're back from the National Stationery Show, and are slowly recovering (had our first solid nights sleep in weeks yesterday!). It was so great to meet some of you all at the show - thanks so much for stopping by!

We met some great designers at the show this year - one of my favorites is Enormous Champion, whom Sean had met at the show last year, but I had missed somehow...Jason and Jordan are a Brooklyn duo doing some great work, and they are super nice to boot - check out their Etsy shop for their amazing update to some old-fashioned patterns - bat and bunnies houndstooth and seagulls and eagles herringbone. One of my favorite things in their booth this year was their new Kingdom Animalia series - wooden animals cut-outs with a bright edge-painted strip, packaged in awesome boxes.


  1. gorgeous find! hope the show was a huge success.

  2. Anna & Sean- super great to meet/see you too.... fellow crafty friends right here in NYC. thanks for the mention!
    let's hang out sometime...

  3. yeah for sure! we'd love to!


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