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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Schemata Architecture - Paco

Schemata Architecture has created a home for transient living, called Paco. The ideas behind this portable house are very similar to my university thesis, Transient Homes, so I can't help but be drawn to it - though Paco's occupant of the jetset is opposite to my intended occupant of the migrant farm worker/hobo/rv camper. Paco seeks to create a space that provides the minimum for a certain standard of living - a place to sleep, eat and bathe. The interior space is a 3x3x3m cube. The Paco is siteless - it can be installed anywhere with a water and waste hookup. Schemata Architecture admits to the current limitations of the Paco, but are presenting their vision as designers in order to start the conversation about what really constitutes a home. As a conceptual project I can appreciate the smart use of space and the versatility of the Paco.

The roof opens up like the top of a box (check out those hinges!) to allow air into the cube. One thing I'm not sure about - how do you get into the cube? Do you crawl in through the top, or is there an opening somewhere that you enter through? Objects are recessed into the floor (dining table, the toilet/showering space, a sleeping area for guests) to allow for flexible use of the cube. You shower around the toilet (not sure how I feel about that) with a shower curtain that folds up into the form of an umbrella (love that detail!).

Via Designboom.


  1. Although it is white it still looks like a prizon cave to me.... Would be cool to have some anti-claustrofobia windows, non?

  2. Gabriela - yeah, some sliding panels or something for windows would definitely add to the quality of living...

  3. OH my goodness how much do I love this?! I swear I had designs with furniture coming up from the floor when I was in high school. Granted this is a lot cooler and a bit stranger- nevertheless, love the innovation and risk taking. thanks so much. I hope it's okay if I repost and give you all the credit for the find? BEST! *a

  4. I think this is awesome are any up for purchase?


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