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Friday, February 20, 2009

Tweet Links

Happy weekend, everyone...A few of our favorite twittered (tweeted?) links from this week, for your clicking pleasure - see more here.

- Gorgeous letterpress invitations printed by Studio on Fire, in collaboration with Ashley Geoffroy and Russell Austin.
- Casa de los Pinos (ie. House Among the Pines), by XPIRAL (great architects, but they really need a new website), via Inhabitat.
- The Janus Chair by Jang Yoon - a beautiful folding chair that somewhat creepily reminds me of a spider, via Designboom.
- A humorous response to the redesigned Pepsi logo.
- Wink has designed the nicest packaging for vitamins that I've ever seen, for Target pharmacies. Via Lovely Package.
- Hella Jongerius designed a new line of wall-hangings for IKEA, which unfortunately doesn't seem to be available yet in the US. Via Bloesem.
- Bell Lloc, an underground winery by RCR Arquitectes. Via Judit Bellostes.
- Our Valentine's Day chocolate lab...

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