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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lebbeus Woods and Alien 3

I love that Lebbeus Woods has a blog. A recent post provides a peek into his imagined world for Alien 3 under the direction of Vincent Ward, before David Fincher took over. It sounds like the stories diverge after the initial concept of isolated religious colonies in semi-abandoned facilities. Massive industrial spaces often have similar environment and experience to temple and religious architecture, making it possible to mutate one into the other. Thanks to EO for the link.


  1. How come i haven't heard of any mention of aliens or other worlds created in the bible? Is it possible that the Bible and religion were created by the inhabitants of this planet and therefore there's not mention of other worlds or people outside of earth? How can there be all that space and no other like us? If mankind happens to meet and see other beings not of this world will that mean the the bible and God are man made creations?
    I meant will the finding of other intelligent beings contradict with what the bible says? Will there be chaos as a result of it? Is that why the government keeps it such a secret?


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