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Thursday, January 29, 2009

MVRDV Rødovre Skyvillage

I am much more fond of the Rødovre Skyvillage by MVRDV than the much published OMA E22nd St. tower. Why?

While there are a few similarities, mostly form, the MVRDV tower actually addresses the implications of site, program and light/air of the subtraction-addition process of moving units from ground to sky. Public spaces like communal squares, gardens and mini parks fill in the spaces vacated by the relocated units. The skyward units push out to address the view of downtown Copenhagen, and the stacking allows for a number of terraces for the living units.

While the OMA tower is interesting in its form: tall, slender, sexy, $$$ (a model). The MVRDV tower is more rigorous, layered and interesting (a hot scientist perhaps). By exploiting stacking to frame and re-frame space, the tower constantly varies the experience of the tower and the site. I appreciate the form-as-game process and hope to see the completed project soon.

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  1. Check out Habitat 67 by Moshe Safidi. Squatter, more spread out, but very interesting and already built and in use.



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