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Friday, January 09, 2009

Henry Studley's Tool Chest

Most of us do not have to transport our tools to work the same way that Henry Studley did. His profession of piano maker made it necessary to be able to work on pianos outside of his workshop, hence the tool chest above. More info from Wikipedia and The Smithsonian Institution.

If you had to build a chest for your work's tools, what would it look like?

via Oobject


  1. Mine is my messenger bag (a well used Timbuk2) containing:
    Digital Camera
    Scale Rule
    pens, pencils, markers
    Leatherman multi-tool
    and sometimes:
    Illumination meter
    tape measure
    hex wrenches
    screw drivers
    sample light fixtures & lamps

    Many times this requires a second tote bag.

    Just add cell service and wi-fi for instant work space.

  2. I've got a 10 year old timbuk2 also and it gets packed with almost the same stuff except for the laptop, thankfully. I've found the leatherman comes in really handy when poking around a job site. There's always some panel or door that you need to get into and the super is nowhere to be found. The leatherman and some elbow grease typically does the trick.

  3. oh my lord that's amazing. i thought it was a steampunk sort of contraption, but it's actually something real! totally awesome.

  4. Toting that sweet piece of storage work around, NOONE can tell me, that the guy who built and used it, did not take his work seriously - there's tradesman's pride for you right there!


  5. Toting that sweet piece of storage around, noone can tell me the guy who built and used it did not take his job seriously - There's tradesman's pride for you right there! Which century it's from doesn't matter. Craftsmanship is universal.



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