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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Odos Architects

Odos Architects designed this private residence in Wicklow, Ireland. From the architects' website:
The overall form of the new return is in essence a remodelling of the traditional return structure, taking it's basic shape and applying to it contemporary materials and design. On entering the front door a visual line is established though the building, drawing one towards the new kitchen/dining area and on into the courtyard. The revised and extended return now mediates between the existing house and external volumes, the contrast re-establishing the worth of the period home and stating the value of the new.

I appreciate Odos Architects' clean detailing - floor to ceiling windows with minimal frames, the way the glass railing on the deck is bolted into the concrete, the way the roof plane wraps around the side of the building and becomes the floor plane and then the railing for the exterior stair.

The interiors are equally minimal with clean lines (love the continuous niche for the fireplace), cove lighting to minimize clutter on the ceiling, and plenty of skylights to bring in natural light.

Via Designboom.


  1. Awesome design, I know Wicklow the area, is in complete contrast, great stuff!
    Nice post, would love to see more architecture!

  2. Thanks, Theresa! We're trying to up the architecture posts...:)


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