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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Architectual Fictions and Explorations

Lebbeus Woods' architectural narratives are among my favorite and most inspiring memories of school. I remember seeing his drawings for the first time and how incredibly textured and energetic they were. Far from the sterile renderings of buildings, they always represented a much deeper fabric of their context. In his early work the focus was on inhabiting a world of conflict, borders and war. He then moved into more abstract sculptural work. But, a recent post in his blog caught my eye because it returned to an exercise in architectural fiction - The City of Earth. Take a look for yourself.

Another post that caught my eye is A Mysterious Discovery from the production blog of The Watchmen. Below is an image from a short story about the exploration of an old abandoned subway station turned workshop below the Chelsea area of NYC. An intriguing little read with some interesting photos of that are atypical for production stills.

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