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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Takeshi Hosaka Architects - Garden House

Takeshi Hosaka Architects' Garden House merges indoor with outdoor, incorporating an enclosed, two-story courtyard within the confines of the perimeter walls. There's no indication from the street-side facade that the home should be anything but a regular, enclosed volume, so I love the surprise of the garden. The rest of the house is built around the courtyard, with most rooms having huge sliding doors that open up the interior space to the outside. I also like that the greatest excess of the design is given to the outdoor space, while the interior spaces are designed around comfortable but conservative volumes.

Via CoolBoom. Photos by Sergio Pirrone.


  1. It's very unusual and may sound quite luxurious -in term of construction cost and insulation- to build such a narrow volume between the courtyard and the exterior wall (including a bathroom, utility room and spare space) but it works really well and the view when you have a bath is really dynamic, plus the terrace on top of that is equally unusual.

  2. Nice one, but i think it's still need more tree to give some shade to the outdoor table. But still. The surprise is beautiful


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