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Friday, November 14, 2008

Aston Martin's One-77

Aston Martin sent over a preview of the new One-77, the name stemming from CEO Ulrich Bez's belief in the lucky number 7. Designed by Marek Reichman, the Director of Design at Aston Martin, the One-77 is an example of artistry in automotive design, with beautiful proportions and sleek lines. With only 77 cars in production and with a $2 million price tag (!!), the limited production allowed Aston Martin to go all out with the details - from the hand beaten, aluminum body to the high-tech carbon fiber chassis. The One-77 is faster than any current Aston Martin, with the ability to go from 0-62 mph in four seconds flat, and with a top speed of over 200 mph.

Some images of the design process:

Because only 77 cars are in production, Aston Martin promises that the cars will be bespoke - with the clientele being involved in each stage of the car's development, tailoring aspects of the car to their tastes. Aston chairman David Richards said: "It's a very special car for customers who want to take the bespoke experience to a higher level. Every car will be entirely individual." The only fixed element to the One-77 are the mechanics of the car. According to Aston Martin, "See the rear three-quarter light in the C-pillar? Looks like there's space for two small seats? Well that's your choice – you could have some extra luggage space instead, or a mix of the two. The ultra-premium One-77 will land in the hands of a few very fortunate customers. Only six in the U.S. to be exact, with just five destined to stay in the UK out of the total production run of 77. That leaves 66 for the rest of the world, and just where they'll all end up is open to speculation, but expect a fair few to be destined for emerging luxury markets in Asia."

The ad campaign for the One-77 has been interesting, with limited information and a veil of secrecy around the car itself - Aston Martin even went as far as only exposing a portion of the car at a presentation of the One-77 in Paris. The result of the campaign leaves you wanting more, and has obviously been a success, with the One-77 already having sold out. 100 buyers world wide have put down deposits of £200,000 to purchase the One-77, without having seen more than a partially uncovered photo of the car.

Some of the pretty details:

Check out the video below and for any UK readers, don't forget to head over to Notcot to apply to visit the Aston Martin Gaydon Factory on behalf of Notcot (today's the last chance to apply)!

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