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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Moto - Homaro Cantu's Process

A few interesting asides I came across while researching Moto - Chef Cantu is developing edible advertising! An excerpt from a Cnet interview:
Cnet: So edible ads will be a printed substance you can eat, like a wafer?
Cantu: Yeah. You open up a magazine, there's a small plastic thing in there, and you rip it open. It looks like a cheeseburger, tastes like a cheeseburger, it's made from all organic ingredients. In some cases it doesn't contain the ingredients that we would associate with that picture. But the key thing you've got to remember with edible ads is it's got to be an allergen-free substrate. If it's not, then you go do a peanut ad, and there's real peanuts in there, then somebody's going to die.
And, a little bit more about Chef Cantu's techniques, via I, Science.
A laser normally used in surgery or welding has been exploited by Cantu to create "insideout" food. Steaks are seared in the centre but become less well-done towards the edges. Laser-cooked bread rolls can be served alongside the edible menu, with crusts in the middle and soft dough outside.

The epicurean experimenter has been playing with ice as well as fire, creating several dishes that involve freezing by liquid nitrogen. One of Moto's desserts is created by filling a sphere with fruit juice and spinning it while applying liquid nitrogen to form a thin, frozen shell. Cantu is hoping that one day he will be able to inject helium into this shell and float it like a balloon in front of diners.

In case the helium trick doesn't work, Cantu's got a backup plan for levitating food, using superconductors and handheld ion particle guns. So far, he's managed to levitate salt and sugar but he eventually wants to make entire dishes fly around the restaurant.


  1. missed you and Sean at the SS thing on Sat....

  2. we were bummed to miss it...I caught something in Chicago and wasn't feeling very well...I heard it was a lot of fun, though!


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