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Friday, May 30, 2008

Bee in the Morning Dew

I'm not sure who took this photo originally (if you know, please email me!), but it is amazing! The colors and the refraction of the eyes in the water...gorgeous, gorgeous photo of a bee in the morning dew.

UPDATE: Thanks to Max for digging up the photographer - it is Martin Amm, who describes it as a portrait of a red veined darter, full of dew. Lovely.

Via Kussyi.


  1. i want to know too! it is incredible!

  2. whoever took it did a wonderful job!

  3. wow that is breathtaking... thanks for sharing!

  4. Hello, I did some digging. This photo was taken by Martin Amm. Here is the link, follow the name under the pic to get to his profile.

  5. hey max! thanks so much...and glad that you all like the photo as much as i do...

  6. Wow! That picture is incredible, I want to study it!

  7. a little correction:
    - it is a dragonfly, not a bee.
    Look at the thin antenna at the side of the eye. The bees have large and segmented antennae.

    The dragonfly belongs to the order Odonata.
    they´re really amazing living things!

    good pic

  8. it's from flickr


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