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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Second Line Frames

How gorgeous are these frames? Second Line Frames creates each from salvaged wood siding found in New Orleans post-Katrina. Second Line Frames takes its name from an old New Orleans tradition called the Second Line - "the colorful parade that follows a funeral procession to turn tragedy into a celebration of rebirth". A portion of each sale is given to rehabilitation efforts in affected New Orleans neighborhoods.

Via heysusy.


  1. Not only are those frames amazingly beautiful, their history and origin is unmatched. great work.

  2. those are wonderful! what a great use of historic wood.

  3. I love these frames! It gives me some new ideas. I did my own fram to a painting that i painted last year.
    Check it out:


  4. Oh I want one - specifically that turquoise one.


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