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Sunday, March 16, 2008

San Zhi Abandoned Housing Complex

I posted about this amazing, abandoned housing complex outside of Taipei, Taiwan, yesterday over at Notcot. The most interesting theory about why the site was abandoned is that a series of fatal accidents occurred during construction, causing locals to believe the site was haunted, and therefore instigating the developer's decision to stop construction (and also putting a stop to any future redevelopment). I know the fact that the complex has sat abandoned all this time makes it all that much more interesting, but the architecture is pretty amazing, too - modular, pod houses - very Archigram. The site is a vision of the future, frozen in the past. Check out more photos over at Notcot!


  1. Wow. I am already obsessed with abandoned soviet towns from the cold war era, and now this! These are really, really amazing shots. thanks!

  2. I've got a thing for abandoned spaces, too...I hope to visit San Zhi someday!

  3. Looks more like Buckminster Fuller's energy-efficient and low-cost Dymaxion House.


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