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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ideas and Sponsors...

So! New month, new ideas column...Sorry for the shameful delay in leaving up the valentine's chocolates - it's sort of like leaving your Christmas decorations up until June, huh? Anyway, springtime = shoe time, so if you know of any shoes that would fit our Ideas column, send them on over to us!

We are also very happy to welcome Nervous System and Artstream as sponsors this month. I've posted about Nervous System's gorgeous jewelry before and am a huge fan.

As for Artstream, they are a fantastic gallery up in Rochester, New Hampshire (we were lucky enough to have an exhibit there in Nov-Dec of last year). Artstream has a great show called Stories and Tales going on right now, exhibiting the work of Abby Glassenberg, Darryl Berger, Alena Hennessy, and Tara Hogan.


  1. I bet those shoes must be very comfortable. Let me know when a runway model decides to show them off on the catwalk. I'd like to see how you're supposed to walk in them.

  2. the jewelry is gorgeous and of course I love Artstream!
    I hope you guys are doing great!


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