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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ed Vince - Etiquette Set

I love this Etiquette Set by Ed Vince - a pre-packaged dining kit that "allows the user to enjoy an à la Russe dining experience in any context, regardless of class or wealth." Subversive in its mass-production implications and model-kit construction, the Etiquette Set is ornately detailed to recall traditional silver cutlery and a refined dining experience.

Via Girl in the Green Dress.


  1. This set looks exactly like the Snap and Dine set that was showcased in the British Council Exhibit at the Salone last year. Rip off?

  2. Looks very much with Freds´s Snap-a-party set:


    And Demelza Hill´s Snap and Dine:


    Who did it first? I don´t know...

  3. Well, Jason Amendolara designed it in 2006:


    And Demelza Hill´s was "inspired" by Jason´s design in 2007:


    And now in 2008, this design was "inspired" by both!
    Just another Rip Off.

  4. hello,

    i just found this blog. i designed the etiquette set and wasn't inspired by either because it was completed in early 2007 before i'd seen either.

    mine isn't intended to be functional and was never meant to be produced as it is a comment on mass production. it was a conceptual idea designed to inspire thought and conversation.

    thankyou for the post and the comments, it serves its purpose.

    regards, ed vince


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