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Thursday, January 24, 2008


I love the Herb-Savor by Prepara. It prolongs the life of fresh herbs up three weeks and looks hot to boot.


  1. I really need that!
    My herbs always died on me..

  2. Followed the post on Tastespotting. I have an herb keeper that works wonderfully -- the greens last for weeks in my fridge but *this* one is so attractive, I would bring herbs right to the table. I love it, thanks for posting.

  3. Well, this took me about two seconds to buy. I love fresh herbs but they always end up black on me. I have visions of cilantro living on for a couple of weeks at a clip. Plus, it's so cute.

  4. I know - I love it too! It's our next kitchen purchase!

  5. So useful, and yet so chic! Lovely solution to a household problem. I definitely will be buying one of these - thanks!


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