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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Apple's MacBook Air

So, Apple announced the MacBook Air yesterday. It's gorgeous - 3/4" at its thickest point and only 3 lbs in weight, with a 13" screen. Functionally, I have some issues with it - there's no cd/dvd drive - just a USB port. The MacBook Air is wireless, so Apple assumes that you will download your movies from the Apple store, or backup your data wirelessly, using Time Capsule. For the times when you really need a cd drive, the MacBook Air can use another computer's cd drive wirelessly. It also only has an 80 GB hard drive, which is smaller than some iPods. Here's the clincher for me - on the low end, the MacBook Air costs $1,799.00, while the high end version costs $3,098.00.

I guess the point behind the MacBook Air is that it is a super lightweight, portable laptop, but the fact that it doesn't have a cd/dvd drive bothers me, and the cost is down right prohibitive, considering you can get a 20" iMac for $1,199. The 80 GB hard drive is another negative in my opinion; my digital files would eat up that space pretty quickly. I think it's meant as a secondary computer, but at that cost, I'm not sure that it's worth it.

What do you think? Is it worth it? Would you buy it?


  1. No, not really. The MacBook Pro that I have and enjoy weighs 2.6 pounds more and has full functionality of a desktop computer. Not to mention stereo speakers, a user-replaceable battery, and as you mentioned a optical drive.

    If it was very cheap, maybe. But, no, it's not.

  2. Hell yes I'd buy it. Not to replace a desktop or as an only child, but as an ultralight portable. Does it do everything? No. Is it a good candidate as an adjunct to an iMac or Mac Pro? Absolutely.

  3. man it's sexy though. i am with jake, for now, our pros have all the pros and no cons.:)
    i was wondering if people would blog this beauty today!
    it's a wonder.

  4. here's a nice rewiew on the Apple's Macbook Air macbook Air pros and Cons


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