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Thursday, January 03, 2008

5.5 Designers

5.5 Designers is a French design firm with a conceptual design bent. I love the chair made from sandwiched broken/discarded chair ends. It doesn't look very comfortable, but it would be cool to have around.

Now, the Style IV chandelier I wouldn't actually put in my house, but I like the idea behind it - four chandeliers in one, depending on your vantage point. It's simply made - two sheets of mirror form the axis, and allow each quartered lamp to be completed.

I'm also very taken with 5.5 Designers' wallpaper - inviting user participation, the wallpaper slowly evolves over time, becoming richer and more interesting as it is intervened on. 5.5 Designers recommend using the wallpaper in spaces where we find ourselves bored or with some extra time on our hands - the bathroom, waiting rooms, etc.


  1. The maze one's cool. Almost looks like a map when filled in.


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