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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thomas Bernstrand

Thomas Bernstrand is a multi-disciplinary Swedish designer who makes everything from glassware, to furniture, to lighting, not to mention that he designs architectural interiors, as well. He designed the Uddabo table for IKEA, which combines a dining table with a work table. I could definitely use one of those! Too bad the US IKEAs don't carry it (though it may just be out of production, since it's an older design). Also interesting are his Burk Glasses - a series of glassware inspired by beer cans. Thomas appreciated the ergonomic comfort one finds in drinking beer out of a can - the lip fitting perfectly with the folded part of the can - and translated that into a classier, glass version.


  1. I love this table too! I bought one a couple of years ago when I was setting up my workshop....it was on sale, so I think you might be right about it being discontinued....but it is WONDERFUL!

    The vice section is great for me...I have my ring mandrels in it, and it is SO very handy in a jewellery workshop! :)

    Happy Christmas btw - have a good one! xox

  2. thanks abigail! you, too...hope 2007 closes out with family and friends and that 2008 is a great new year for you~

  3. 5-16-08, Don't know where you live but the IKEA in the Chicago area on boughton Rd. had about 5 or 6 of these tables on sale a couple of days ago. I came to this site to find out what they were. I never seen one before.


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