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Thursday, December 13, 2007

2007 Lunchbox Auction

If you've ever been curious as to the artistic prowess of your favorite celebrity, you can now check out their abilities for yourself - the 2007 Lunchbox Auction invited 100+ celebrities from the entertainment, fashion, art, music, literary and culinary worlds to create lunchbox art for an online auction that benefits the Food Bank For New York City and the Lunchbox Fund of South Africa. Each lunchbox is signed and numbered and no two lunchboxes are alike. There are some definite duds in the mix but I was pleasantly surprised by a few of the pieces and it's all for a good cause, so check it out! The starting bids are actually very reasonable (so you can get in on the action), but I wouldn't expect them to stay that way for long...My favorites of the lunchboxes submitted so far (clockwise from top left):

Casey Affleck, Helena Christensen & Leif Sigersen (black lacquer box with black and gold tasseled handle, miniature stage inside, complete with red velvet curtain, with moving ballerina figurine flying inside), Maria McBride (leather-clad lunchbox), and Mike Myers (lunchbox is a battery-powered car with wheels; includes remote control and batteries).

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