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Monday, November 05, 2007

Artstream Mapping the Way

Sean and I are back from a lovely weekend in New Hampshire. We went up to Rochester to attend the opening of the Mapping the Way exhibit at Artstream gallery (and to get out of the city for the weekend). Thank you Susan and Rainer for making us feel so welcome!

I was really impressed by the other artists work - the pieces were all so beautiful (especially in person!), so I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of my favorite pieces from the show. Clockwise from the top:

Heather Smith Jones' "A Cottonwood Seed", which is so gorgeous in person. The colors are really vivid and the bird was so detailed. This was my favorite piece in the exhibit.

Edibeth Farrington's "Years of Travel". Her pieces were very quiet and subtle. I loved the repeated type and the super white canvas.

Susan Schwake's encaustic handmade paper pieces were lovely. She made the paper herself, and each piece was so layered and textured. Occasionally pieces of text from the recycled paper would show through.

Another piece from Heather Smith Jones. The pieces in this series are super affordable ($40, so I bought one!) and are really beautiful. I love her limited use of water color, and the way the shapes relate to one another. The piece we bought had text poked with pins in it, which was a very nice, subtle touch.

Check out the artwork online here!


  1. oh yea!
    so nice to meet you both and hope that you didn't get into too much trouble with the "weather" on sat/sun.
    it was more than wonderful to have dinner with you and have you at the opening... thanks!

  2. thank you for this post anna & sean! I'm so excited you got to go and yes I hope your return trip was safe!
    thanks for liking my work & buying one! curious, which one?
    hope you're enjoying your week...

  3. hi heather! we got the "strength from an unseen place" drawing. I love it!


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