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Friday, August 10, 2007

Roberts Street Chaplet Project - Moorhead & Moorhead

The Roberts Street Chaplet Project initiated a series of travelling chaplets, designed to be easily broken down and moved from site to site. Moorhead and Moorhead designed what I think is the best of the six chaplets.
From the M&M site:

Designed in collaboration with North Dakota architect Richard Moorhead, Mobile Chaplet is one of six portable spaces for reflection commissioned to travel to rural communities around the state of North Dakota as part of the Roberts Street Chaplet Project.

Constructed on a trailer bed, the conceptual starting point for Mobile Chaplet was the covered wagons that transported settlers to the Midwest. A canopy of thermoplastic composite rods creates a woven vaulted space that is simultaneously intimate and open to the surrounding prairie landscape. A bench floats above the trailer bed supported by the rods which also act as a backrest for the bench.

Read more about the Roberts Street Chaplet Project.

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