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Monday, July 02, 2007

Greetje van Helmond

Greetje van Helmond is a student at the Royal College of Art, where, for the RCA summer show, she exhibited a line of jewelry called Unsustainable. The pieces in Unsustainable are made from sugar crystals that are "grown" in a solution right onto the cord.

Greetje's interest is in taking banal, everyday products and turning them into beautiful, seemingly valuable objects.

From the artist:
In present day life we can say that we consume a lot. Durable materials are often used for the production of goods that are typically replaced or thrown away quickly. Contrary to this I use everyday, basic materials to create products that appear valuable and sustainable. Because of the materials I use, the products won’t last long, but long enough to stay "new".

Via Dezeen.

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