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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Frerk Muller

We recently sold some prints to Shelf, a lovely shop in London. When checking out their store, I came across Frerk Muller, a Berlin artist. I love, LOVE his raven prints. The crude shape and simplicity of each bird is so appealing, giving each raven a distinct character. The prints cost £70 framed and £30 unframed. As soon as the dollar gains some strength, I'm buying one!


  1. hi jane, upon googling frerk muller, to try to find him, you are all i came across,
    sniff sniff

  2. Hi, we love Frerk's work.. and actually ran into him: he sells his lovely stuff on the Tiergarten market (17. Juni strasse) in Berlin. And of course, as the birds testify, he seems to be a lovely person.

    Eva & Daniel


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