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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Apollon Rings by Lucie

Anna and I recently purchased our wedding bands from Niwaka, and we're so excited to have them soon. While we were at the offices, they told us that their new 5th ave store will also carry rings by Lucie, their sister brand. I love the simple statement of all their rings. Each one is clean and elegant, not like the gaudy American and European jewelers. The Apollon rings reinterpret the circular profile by introducing the pointed corners to give the ring a stronger presence. And I love the addition of the inset blue diamond on the side surface of the ring.


  1. Congrats, how lovely, great choice!

  2. I have seen a lot things of design interest on web... but this!!!! it seems to be made by magician. I want to try something like this, but not sure if i get such success.

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  3. oops.. sorry, my previous post was to Thursday, July 26, 2007, paper figures


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