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Friday, May 04, 2007

Possible Palladian Villas and Peter Eisenman

I am a firm believer that there are virtually no new advances in form, form-making and spatial readings since The Renaissance. The only new ideas come from how to clothe space in material and atmosphere. The major readings of new buildings can be traced back to the structures of recent and ancient history.

On the left is a very interesting book that I picked up years ago, is Possible Palladian Villas, by George Hersey and Richard Freedman, is an interesting documentation of a rigiorous formula for space-making, as dictated by the formal rules of existing Palladian geometries. On the right is an axon of House III, by Peter Eisenman. Eisenman is the master of formal operations and his work can be very strongly compared with Palladio's. At the time, the idea of using the formal operations to generate space was at the forefront of modern architecture. It was not; however, a new idea that had never been explored.


  1. There's some ambiguity with "no new advances in form, form-making and spatial readings since The Renaissance" term. At least, the 'advance' in architecture development can be seen today is the modern, post-modern, new-modern, and don't forget new-constructivism-deconstructivism movement. I doubt that Eisenmann is with 'formal operations', as he is one of deconstructivist architect, struggling with an idea that hard to understand.

  2. http://klaustoon.wordpress.com/2010/02/21/great-moments-of-architectural-theory-iii-eisenmania-or-the-corruption-of-the-modern/


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