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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Stephen Holl

Steven Holl has designed a new "Linked Hybrid" complex that is under construction in Beijing, China. Designed as multiple towers that house 700 apartments, these towers are connected on the 20th floor via a circulation path of cafes and other amenities, inverting the traditional city building relationship of commercial on the ground floor with residential above. Holl calls it a "city within a city". The various 'towers' have been organized in such a way (public gathering spaces vs. private living spaces) so as to mimic random city-like relationships through movement, timing and sequence.

Holl's interest in the "city within a city" shows up in the undergraduate dormitories he designed for MIT (right image). He called the dorms a "vertical slice of city" with residential living interspersed with public gathering spaces as well as a 125 seat theater, a night cafe, and street level dining.

First found at Architechnophilia.

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