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Friday, January 12, 2007

MVRDV Expo 2000 Pavillion

A professor once told me that your architecture can be playful, as long as you are rigorous.

The Hanover Expo 2000 Pavilion by the quintessential Dutch firm, MVRDV, is exactly playful-rigor. It is one of my favorite buildings ever built. Designed around the concept of the vertical garden, each layer displays a different type of 'natural park' which is constructed for tourism.

The pavilion has unfortunately fallen into disrepair, as the Expo has long since past and there has not been any allotment to maintain any of the pavilions from the Expo.


  1. How can we evaluate Design?


    You are welcome to our forum, please participate.

  2. Where did you fins the Section Drawing? Do you have one at a high resolution? If so I would be very grateful if you sent it to me.



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