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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Anne Maa

Love these jewelry pieces from Anne Maa. A lot of people are doing the wire wrapped rings these days, but I really like these because they enclose the stones nicely. Plus, I'm a sucker for a rough cut stone.


  1. you post links to some great jewelry. I have been on the lookout for wedding/engagement rings...but not too traditional. I like niwaka.com.
    do you know of any? this has become such a wild goose chase. I got in touch with orvit (sp?) linked on the blog...I like those but in white gold :/

  2. hi nidhi, funny you say that you like niwaka. i found anna's engagement ring there. it's being made in japan for us right now! we picked the surien (water lily) setting. can't wait until february when it comes in :)

  3. that just made me so HAPPY...Yay for anna! and now I am even more sure of niwaka. Guess I will have to make a trip to NY/Japan though :|

  4. the ny store is closed while they are opening their new one in midtown. there's a whole long story about our ring and how they shut down the store and stopped taking orders in august and had their samples stolen during the move and waiting for new ones to come from japan. they finally started taking orders again in december so we could finally put in our order and now we have to wait the 5 weeks for them to make it. but i'm really happy with the one we picked, the setting is really amazing.

  5. hey nidhi! congrats on your engagement...that's exciting! We loved dealing with niwaka...they were really nice and helpful, and their settings are really beautiful! I can't wait until our ring comes in...until then, sean proposed to me with this place holder ring.


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