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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


When it comes to living in the Northeast, rain is always an issue. Waterproof jackets have come a long way since pvc coated fabrics. Waterproof and breathable laminates are the best choice for foul weather gear and they work great. Next time you visit an outdoor store, be sure to check out how complete the waterproofing is on any rain jacket. From taped and welded seams to little individual hoods for the zipper gates, you can be sure to stay dry walking around the city.

Above is the EMS Thunderhead II Jacket from EMS. I have always been a big fan of EMS gear, since I grew up in the Northeast and it was all over. Their gear is incredibly durable and the value cannot be beat. And while they do not command the premium of companies like Patagonia and The North Face, they actually build more usable details into their clothing and gear. Like the inside pocket on the Thunderhead Jacket for your ipod so you can control it from the outside pocket.

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