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Monday, November 13, 2006

Joji Okazaki

I love this chipboard bonzai tree! As someone with a black thumb, this tree would really build up my confidence...You can even 'prune' it by rearranging the branches and leaves. The Atomic Bonsai was designed for Tokion Magazine by Joji Okazaki and is available here.

Via Swissmiss.


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  1. Please let me introduce about the Atomic Bonzai (Bonsai) tree kits.
    The idea & design of this Atomic Bonzai (Bonsai) kits are originated in 1997 by an Artist, Joji Okazaki. I says that generally, natural tree of Bonsai trees are glowing ideally shape to be for many years & a lot of care, but this Atomic Bonzai kits become ideal shape for just a minute. Everyone can enjoy this instant beauty shaped paper trees anytime & anywhere.
    Ideally, it is art sculptures with customers & joji. I believes a kind of collabora tion of these process.
    I says "TREE from PAPER": I use the material from 100% recycling papers and non-toxic ink.
    You know the papers are made from trees:
    I stats these recycling papers are way back to trees again as Atomic Bonzai..
    Well, I just let you know this story of Atomi Bonzai kits.


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