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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Nike Dunk Collecting

Nike Dunk SB Premium - Net/Maize Golfer Colorway

Why I think Dunk Collecting Sucks:
So there is this huge contingent of sneaker heads that collect Nike Dunks, specifically. Now the Dunk has been around since 1985 and deserves some recognition because it is a pretty slick piece of sneaker. However, the collector's market for the shoe is completely wack. Why? As with any collectible, the value of the object as a true collectible comes from its level of rarity. The rarest objects are those that are mass produced and then thrown away, leaving only a few to remain to the true collectors. Think of rare coins, stamps and comic books.

Nike understands that there is this subculture of sneaker collectors and begins to tailor colorways and special editions to that market. These sneakers might run $100-$300 for their initial retail release, depending on the run count. By limiting the number of that edition produced, Nike artificially creates the 'rare-ness' and collectability of the sneaker. In my mind, these collectable Dunks are not really collector's items in the true sense of the term. They are merely exclusive editions that have an artificially and instantly created value within the sneaker collector market. But would I think that someone who has the most ultra-rare-special-dookie-edition Dunks a true collector? Probably not. They probably just have deep pockets.


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